Laser Processing

We specialize in 5-axis CNC (beam director) Laser Cutting:

  • Parts up to 96" x 72" x 36"
  • Formed, tubular and flat parts
  • High precision laser cutting "see Capabilities." 
  • Prototypes, short and long runs  
  • Ferrous/non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites


Laser Processing Services:
-Laser Cutting
-Laser Welding
-Laser Marking (scribing)
-Prototype Laser Processing & Development

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff will assist you from concept through to completion. Our Capabilities include the ability to generate tool path from customer supplied C.A.D. data, print, drawing, or other specs. We dedicate our everyday business to top quality products and on time delivery.
Precise Tooling Capabilities (seen below

Click on the video for an example:


Our lasers use CO2 gas and a high voltage system to excite the gas and cause it to 
emit a single wavelength of light. The light is focused with an optics system within the beam director, which then directs the light onto the cutting surface.