Laser Tube Cutting Applications & Technical Job Capabilities


  5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Services
Precision Tube Cutting 

* Rotary tooling can be used simultaneously with our 5-axis beam director to provide an extra dimension of cutting to our process. By using this we can precisely cut tubing up to 12" in diameter without even breaking a sweat (literally). We have a rotary table on every machine, due to the extra precision and lower tooling cost associated with using them. These rotary tables can also be used for a variety of other 3D parts that require more precise cutting angles and smaller more intricate parts.

Precision Laser Tube Cutting Capabilities

  • Accurate to ± .001" depending on the tooling and other factors
  • Cutting capacity:  6' x 8' x 4' work envelope 
  • Auto focus control (AFC)
  • Auto feed rate/power control (maintains constant energy input to material, minimizing heat affected zone, reducing thermal distortion)
  • Complex shapes are cut with Simultaneous Linear and Rotary Motion (seen below)
  • Tubing can be cut from 20' length stock
  • Material thickness:
    • up to 0.30" Carbon Steel
    • up to 0.25" Stainless Steel
    • up to 0.18" Aluminum
    • up to 0.20" Titanium, and various alloys
    • Organic materials (such as plastics, carbon fiber, etc.) thickness varies.


    New Process Development and Precision Tube Cutting Services

    We offer a variety of services to meet our customer’s needs, including  contract (short & long run) and prototype tube cutting services. We strive to provide excellent customer service and extensive experience to do the job right. Listed below are some examples of the services we can help you with.

    Contract Services
    • Precision 3D Laser Cutting
    • Tube/Pipe Cutting and Fabrication
    • Prototype Laser Tube Cutting  
    • Weldments and intersecting cylinders software 
    • Short or long run production capabilities 
    • Laser part marking and scribing
    • Laser engraving
    • Localized heat treating
    • CNC machining
    • Laser cutting tubes/pipes to length of +-.001"
    • Producing drawings/CAD data for tubing/pipes