5-axis Laser Welding Applications & Processing

CONd:Yag & Fiber Laser Welding Services

Main benefits to using laser welding include but are not limited to:

  • Low heat input, leading to minimum part distortion.
  • Very consistent, and repeatable welds.
  • The deep penetration of precise narrow welds.
  • A thin weld profile with a very clean appearance (especially if gas shielding is used)
  • No secondary processing needed in most weld types.
  • Due to the precision of our 5 axis CNC Laser you will get high repeatability.
  • Most importantly you will see faster weld rates than traditional welding.

  • Seen below are examples of the contrast between weld appearances in traditional TIG welding and laser welding in an application. On the left side (below) you will see two samples of identical parts welded by an experienced TIG welder. In the middle, a sample of both weld types (TIG & laser). On the right side (below) is a sample from production run of laser welding.

    Note: that each weld type had equal strength and penetration, although the laser welding process was significanlty cheaper, had much higher yields, and appeared much better cosmetically. Also, laser welding left behind little evidence of the weld seam, unlike other comparable methods.

    New process development and the optimization of laser welding applications for a variety of different manufacturing industries.

    We offer a variety of services to meet our customer’s needs, including both contract and prototype laser processing services. Our focus is shifting towards a more technological approach to simple manufacturing processes including a variety of different laser weld types. By combining the precision of our 5-axis CNC laser systems and the variety of different available lasers (CO2, Nd:Yag, and coming soon a Fiber laser). Our goal is to not only provide superior services, but to also contribute our knowledge of laser technology to increase productivity and quality to many different manufacturing industries. We will be posting different types of reports with regards to new laser applications, methods, and other general laser knowledge/facts. We will be providing information regarding different weld types and the associated variables that go into producing each process. Information such as (feed rates, sheilding gas, materials welded, wavelength of beam) and the resulting weld strength, appearance, and the chemistry of newly formed welded material. We strive to provide excellent customer service and out our extensive experience to use to do the job right. Listed below are the services we can currently help you with.

    Polypropylene Welding 

    *As seen plastic welding using patent pending clearweld solution*

    Laser Welding Services 
    • Precision 3D Laser Welding
    • Tube Welding/Fabrication
    • Laser Welding (small and intricate parts)
    • Prototype Laser Welding 
    • Short & Long Run Production Capacity
    • Laser part marking and scribing
    • Laser engraving
    • Localized heat treating
    • CNC machining
    • 5-axis Laser Welding (leak proof) 

    Precision Laser Welding Capabilities 

    •  Accurate to ± .001" depending on the tooling and other factors
    •  Welding Area, Laser Travel:  6' x 8' x 4' work envelope 
    •  Auto focus control (AFC)
    •  Auto feed rate/power control (maintains constant energy input to material, minimizing heat affected zone, reducing thermal distortion)
    •  Material thickness: 
      •  up to 0.30" Carbon Steel
      •  up to 0.25" Stainless Steel
      •  up to 0.18" Aluminum
      •  up to 0.20" Titanium, and various alloys
      •  Organic materials (such as plastics, carbon fiber, etc.) thickness varies