"Your One Stop Shop For All of Your 5-axis Laser Cutting, Etching, and Welding Needs." 

        LaserGuide Inc. is a family owned business founded in 1999 with unique capabilities: specialized engineering in niche job markets.
nparalleled customer service and delivery times on both short and long term contract jobs. 
          -  Capabilities and Low Pricing that far surpasses our competitors.
          -  Meeting Tolerances of up to .005", on large metal stampings, metal spinnings, tubes, and custom stamped parts.
          -  5-Axis laser cutting and welding (variety of metals, plastics, and other materials).

(Above Video: 5-axis/3D laser cutting)

Benefits of laser cutting in productions

Include almost unlimited cutting configurations, elimination of stack up tolerances caused by combining multiple operations. Also, the limited "heat affected zone" is essential when cutting thin wall metal tubing to eliminate any mechanical or thermal distortion. 

Due to their short wave-length, our lasers at LaserGuide Inc. produce repeatable extremely precise cutting (up to ±.001"). Our five axis machines are capable of cutting a wide array of geometric and single wall features (see Capabilities).

LaserGuide Inc. has a strict philosophy of adding value to each and every job that comes through our doors.

We utilize two 5-axis LaserDyne 890 Beam Director systems with 96" x 72" x 36" of cutting travel. Both machines are setup to utilize both CO2 and nd:yag lasers.
We also utilize one 5-axis LaserDyne 780 Beam Director.

Overview of Contract Services offered by LaserGuide Inc.

3D/5-axis Laser Cutting
 and trimming of pre
-formed/pre-drawn and stamped parts

5-Axis Laser Tube Cutting and Fabrication

Also, with rotary capabilities (seen in video above) making a possibility of 6 to 7-axis laser cutting.

Laser Welding and Material Bonding Services

Applications include two dimension (3-axis) and three dimension (5-6 axis) Laser Spot Welding, Butt Welds, Hermetic Welds, Fusion Welds, Laser Hybrid Welding and Arc Welding. Precision TIG and MIG Welding for short-medium run production.


(Top: TIG Welded Bottom: Laser Welded)

Laser Welding Capabilities: Materials 
Metals (Ferrous and non-ferrous), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Plastics (various types) and various alloys.

Precision Laser Drilling and Micromachining

Metal Spinning and Precision Laser Cutting Services

Metal spinnings are another special type of product LaserGuide Inc, plays a big role in creating the final product.

Secondary Laser Processing Services include 

Our Precision CNC 
5-axis Laser Cutting Capabilities

Up to ± .001" depending on the tooling/application. Our 5-axis lasers themselves are precise and repeating up to +/-.0005".  

  • Cutting Capacity: Three laser systems with up to 72" x 92" x 48" of active work envelopes each. 
  • Auto focus control (AFC): maintains constant laser beam focus on cutting/welding surfaces even with parts inconsistent with expected geometry.
  • Auto feed rate/power control (maintains constant energy input to material, minimizing heat affected zone, reducing thermal distortion)
  • Material thickness: 
    • up to 0.30" Carbon Steel
    • up to 0.25" Stainless Steel
    • up to 0.18" Aluminum
    • up to 0.20" Titanium, and various alloys
    • Organic materials (such as plastics, carbon fiber, etc.) thickness varies.

* If there are any further questions about our laser processing abilities or consulting services you can fill out our secure express email form found here or you can call us by telephone at (952) 873-4143 to talk to someone who can further assist you.